One of the traditional gambling games is Baccarat. Casinos offer many different variations of Baccarat games, but here the story is about simple ordinary baccarat. The Baccarat game likes for people who are not afraid of big stakes and who believes that luck is always beside to them. In comparison with other games, Baccarat is simple which can be played by a significant number of people. The Baccarat game is about making stakes which are the only action made by the player. It’s a little bit similar to Blackjack game, but Baccarat is not that difficult. At the beginning of the game players and also dealers receive two cards. Both- players and dealers – target is to get card value which is closer to 9 points. If the two card value already is 8 or 9 points for player or dealer than the cards must be compared and find out the winner. If no one has 8 or 9 point card total value, then players pick another new card. Important! Players whos card value in total is 7 or more cant pick up the card.

*If the value of the cards is 10 or more than the value is counted by the second number by gaining numbers from 0 till 9. Example: If a player has cards 8♦ un 9♠, then the total value is 17 points. And as said before we need to look at the second number and that means that card value is 7 points. Wins the one who made the right bet about whos going to win.

Card values:
Cards from 2 to 10 have the same points as the card value. Example: 2♦ =2 points; 9♠ = 9 points, etc.
Ace = 1 point
Jack, Queen, King = 0 points

A Few Facts:
Baccarat game has low predominating over players, its 1,06%.
Bet limits start from 15 to 100 euro.
There is three kind of bets – players, dealers and draw.
There is a commission about 5% if a player puts a bet on the dealer.
For beginners better to start with the game “Mini Baccarat” cause there are not that many players and there is a more significant chance to win.
Remember! Its a game of luck! Strategies, counting cards and different calculations won’t help!Atcerieties, ka tā ir veiksmes spēle! Stratēģijas, kāršu skaitīšanas un dažadi aprēķini šeit nederēs!