One of the popular gambling games called Blackjack has another title that has been used in many casinos, and it’s “21”. To win in this game players need to know the game rules, some skills and strategy. Before joining to Blackjack playing player should know the basic rules about Blackjack and the card values.
How to play?
It’s a game about combinations. The main idea is that player needs to collect card combination with the value which is closest to number 21 but not higher. If players cards combination together makes more than 21 points, then it’s a lose. Blackjack is a game where the player doesn’t compete with other players but with the dealer. Also, dealers, the main idea is to collect cards with a total value close to 21. Many players can play the game at the same time, but every player is playing by themselves. Blackjack is a game between player and dealer.
Description of the game: at the start all player are making bets and after all of the players are done, the dealer distributes cards. Players get two cards from which one is opened, and everyone can see it, but another card is inverted. The next move is actions “Hit”, “Stay”, “Split” or “Double”.
From these actions, a player can choose only one of them (read more about four chances below). These actions are giving a chance to take additional cards or no, to split cards into two hands or double the cards.
After all players have made their choices, the dealer gives a sign to open the cards. If the player’s card combination value is higher than dealers and it’s not higher than 21 points then player wins!

The dealer also can game rules and its said that if card combination value is lower than 17 points than dealer needs to pick up the card (“Hit”), but if the dealer card combination is 17 or more points then dealer don’t pick up the cards (Stay).

Blackjack card values:
In this game, there is no matter of card suits!
Cards 2♥, 3♠, 4♦, 5♠, 6♥, 7♥, 8♦, 9♠ number of points is the same as the card value. Example: 2♥= 2 points, 8♦= 8 points, etc.
Ace A♦- points can be different – 1 point or 11 points.
Cards 10♥, J♥, Q♥, K♥ number of points is 10.
Card combination of 10♥, A♦ makes 21 points. Its the most potent card combination and its called “Blackjack”.

Game concepts:
Soft Hands – those are situations where the player can change his card combination if one of his cards is Ace. In this situation, Ace can be a card with 1 point or a card with 11 points. If the player has the Ace in the hands than he can decide about its value either its 1 point or 11 points. Take in mind! The player can choose 11 points for Ace only if after the total card combination value won’t be higher than 21 points. Example: player got cards 5♠ and A♦. If the player decides that Ace value will be 1 point than the cards total value will be 6 points. But if the player chose Ace a value 11 points than the total card combination value will be 16 points.
Hard Hands – this is the combination that’s mentioned in “Soft Hands” description. Those are situations where the player can’t change Ace value, and it’s only possible value is 1 point. Example: a player with cards A♦, 9♠, 9♥ don’t have a choice for Ace values cause if the Ace will be 11 points than the total value of the cards will be more than 21. That means the only Ace value can be 1 point by making card combination total value – 19 points.
Hit – picking up a new card to complement combination.
Stay – staying in the same situation by not picking up the new card. That means that player is satisfied with cards in his hands and continue the game without changing anything.
Split – if at the start player gets two cards with the same value he has rights to split the cards. If the player chose to split the cards, then he will play with two hands which means that dealer gives another two cards and player needs to make another bet with the same value as the first bet.
Double – double bet. If a player thinks that his combination is higher than dealers combination than he has a chance to double the bet. This action is available only after the first two cards receiving. If the player chose to double bet, then he can pick up one more card.
Insurance – action to protect yourself from situations when dealers opened card is Ace, and there is more significant possibility that dealer will have “Blackjack”. If a player wants to use this action than he needs to pay in half of the bet amount. If the dealer has the “Blackjack” combination (A♦, 10♥), then players insurance is paid out with relation 2:1. But if the dealer doesn’t have “Blackjack” combination, then the player loses insurance money, and the game continues by ordinary rules.
Surrender – action is like giving up and its available at any time. This possibility is only in a few casinos. A lot of casinos even don’t offer surrender cause it isn’t profitable. But more about surrender action. That’s the option how to protect themselves from loses. If players surrenders than he loses half of his bet amount. There is two kind of surrenders – early and late. Early surrender means that player has a chance to throw down cards before dealer and find out if the dealer has combination “Blackjack”. Late surrender means that first of all dealer make sure if he has combination “Blackjack” and if not than offers player to surrender.