Slot Games

History of the slot games can be found a long time ago in the 19th-century end, and similar as other casino games its developed till nowadays.
Slot games take an essential place in the gambling world cause it’s a simple and fun way how to fill the free time without difficult strategies and many thoughts.
All that player needs to do is just choose the bet, push the button, enjoy the spinning reels and hope for a successful result. Its one of the most colourful and most exciting casino games with many themes and chances to win.
There are a few things that we liked to highlight. Slot games have many variations. There is three reel slots and five reel slots. Three reel slots are classic slots till 25 paylines. Five reel slots usually are video slots, and there are available till 300 paylines. Nowadays slot games offer many themes, features and titles. There are plenty of reel symbol variations – different characters, jewellery, fruits, animals, items, bonus icons, etc.
You should remember that slot games is one of the funniest and exciting casino games with a more significant chance to win. Why? Cause there big number of paylines and great bonuses from which the free spins are the most popular.

Slot game concepts:
*3 reels – slot game with three symbol rows
*5 reels – slot game with five symbol rows
*Paylines – the lines where is a chance to get winnings if the right symbols stop on them
*Wild symbols – special symbols that replace the ordinary symbols to make a combination for bigger chances to win
*Scatter symbols – symbols that give a different kind of bonuses, example, free spins and others. Or those are symbols which include their own particular value to replace other symbols on the paylines
*Autospin – when reels spin automatically without player pushing button
*Progressive Jackpot – jackpot which gradually increasing and the jackpot amount depends on players activity. From every player’s bet amount some part is added up to jackpot amount.