Casino bonuses

What would be a casino without any bonuses? It would be simple gameplay without any surprises and benefits. If it were just like that, players would lose the interest of it very fast. By searching the right casino, one of the criteria should be bonuses. Why? Cause it could make players playtime more exciting by giving a lot more chances. In the list below you can see casino reviews for casinos that are not licensed in Latvia but accepts Latvians. We selected the best casinos with the best bonuses, so we hope that this will help you to find the right one for you!

Nowadays everything is all about customers and their satisfaction. Also, casinos are thinking about how to make customers happy by offering exciting and profit things to them, but at the same time, casinos need to think also about their business. That’s why the aim is to make offers that are good for both sides – casino and customers. One successful way how to make both sides happy is by introducing different bonuses, promotions, special offers and loyalty programmes. By this kind of actions, casinos can attract new players, keep the players who already are registered, surprise them with gifts as thanks for choosing them and giving a chance to move forward. By this chance everybody is satisfied. Players get the bonuses and more chances, but the casino gets its customers.

Everything sounds great for casinos and players, but there is one more important thing which makes all this bonus offers a little bit difficult. It’s knowledge about bonuses. We have only one question – do players understand what each bonus means? It’s important, cause many players often make big mistakes by quickly choosing the casino with tempting bonus. They rush for registration, but after, turns out that this is not what player expected. That makes a bad experience, and most of the players that have experienced something like this blames casinos because they think the bonus is unfair and they deceived them. To avoid situations like this, we offer to get to know each bonus and definitely read bonus conditions before registration. To make this process easier, we have chosen and described the most popular casino bonuses, that is used in casinos. It’s a short insight, but we hope that this will help you to understand the meaning of every bonus and you won’t have to experience bad situations because of choosing the bad bonus!

A few bonuses are offered as a part of registration bonus or part of promotion offers!

Welcome Bonus/ Sign Up Bonus
What does that mean? It’s an integral part for every online casino. It’s offered for new players who would like to join the casino. In every casino, this bonus is available only once and only if you are a new player there. This bonus works only when the player has filled up the registration and have made the first deposit.
The most popular way of welcome bonus is with deposit. That means that the player needs to make the first deposit to get a bonus. Usually, the deposit amount is mentioned in the bonus conditions. There is one more thing! As we said, the welcome bonus can include other rewards, and usually, it’s Free Spins. If it’s like that, the important thing to remember is that often after the registration casino is giving all or part of free spins. And only after the first deposit starts the cash bonus. Players need to pay attention to Welcome bonuse four main features:
1. Percentage. Usually, Welcome offer percentage can vary from 10% to 300%. Variation depends on every casino and their rules. The most popular welcome offers are with 100% bonuses. What does it mean? It means that the bonus amount depends on players deposit amount. Example, if the player deposits 100€ than as a bonus player gets 100€ and in the total player has 200€ to play. If it’s 15% bonus and player deposits 100€ than player gets a 15€ bonus and in the end, the player has 115€ to play.
2. Minimum deposit. In welcome bonus where a player needs to make a deposit, there is always mentioned the minimum deposit amount. That means that with a smaller amount as its said, a player can’t have a welcome bonus. Example, if the minimum deposit is 10€ than a player can deposit 10€ or more. Most minimum deposit amounts are 10€ and 20€.
3. Maximum bonus. Every welcome bonus has the maximum bonus amount that player can get. This maximal amount is unchanged no matter how big deposit player makes. Example, if the maximum amount is 100€ than no matter if a player makes 100€ deposit or 200€ deposit, the maximal bonus amount will be 100€. The only difference will be in that how much money player will have on account.
4. Wagering and bonus validity. Definitely should read bonus conditions, especially the small print, cause there is discovered minimum deposit, maximum bonus, wagering requirements and bonus validity. To withdraw winnings from bonuses almost always there are wagering requirements that need to be fulfilled. Wagering requirements include the information about how many time the player needs to wager the amount and in how many days it needs to be done. There are three types of a wager (just bonus amount, just deposit amount or both of them). Example, to withdraw winnings, bonus amount and deposit amount needs to be wagered 30 times in 30 days.
Welcome bonus: 100% up to 100€
Min deposit: 10€
Max bonus: 100€
Wagering: 30xB+D (bonus + deposit)
Bonus validity: 30 days
So, if a player makes 100€ deposit than in total, he gets 200€. To withdraw the winnings, a player needs to comply with wager requirements: 30 x 100 + 30 x 100 (in 30 days).
One more thing, often welcome bonus is made as Welcome Bonus Package. That means that bonus consists of several deposits. Example, by making the first deposit player gets 100% up to 200€, by making the second deposit player gets 100% up to 100€, by making the third deposit player gets 50% up to 100€. Welcome, Bonus Package usually consists from three to five deposits.

Deposit Bonus. The main rule for this bonus is to deposit to qualify the offer. The player needs to make pay-in to get the offer.

No-Deposit Bonus. That’s the bonus which allows the player to play games without paying-in their own money – without a deposit. Often this bonus is offered as a welcome offer type. It’s very suitable for players who like to try out the casino. By choosing a casino which offers this kind of bonus, players still need to be careful and definitely read the bonus conditions. Often this bonus gives disappointment to players because of their careless actions. Often players don’t read the terms and after, gets disappointed. For this bonus, the players should be especially careful cause usually they have high stake requirements or wagering requirements, and in the end, seemingly high winning might not be that high.

Free Spins Bonus. They often supplement welcome bonus, example 100% bonus up to 100€ + 20 Free Spins. But sometimes, the Free Spins bonus works by itself. Example, by opening an account player can receive 200 Free Spins. What Free Spins Bonus mean? It means that the player doesn’t pay-in the money for the spin. They are for free, so without the risk. Here is also essential to read bonus conditions. Often this bonus is not available for every game. There is said for which games and titles the free spins are available. Free Spins usually have wagering requirements and often its 25 till 40 times.
Bieži šie griezieni nav pieejami jebkurai spēlei, tiem ir noteiktas konkrētas spēles. Spēlētājam jāņem vērā, ka šādu griezienu laimestiem būs apgrozījuma nosacījumi, parasti 25-40 reizes.
Free Spins is one of the most popular additional welcome bonus or loyalty bonus.

Loyalty Bonus. That’s available for every player, but most of all it’s for players who are faithful for one casino for a long time. Players who play for one casino for a long time and successfully goes through loyalty programme gets different loyalty programme bonuses. So if you play for a little while in one casino and you think that this could be the one where you would like to stay, then maybe its worth to join the loyalty programme and get exclusive bonuses like free spins, a percentage bonuses, cash bonus, etc. These bonuses are assigned as thanks to the loyalty and as an additional chance to move forward to higher loyalty levels. Sometimes the loyalty bonus hides under the title VIP Club.

Promotion Bonuses
These are bonuses that are included in promotion offers to make players day full of adventures and rewards. Every promotion has different bonus types that can be received in a different period.
To these bonuses belongs:
Reload Bonus – works similar as registration bonus, but with a smaller amount and only when a player makes deposit repeatedly
Sticky Bonus – that’s a limited bonus with a chance to play with, but no option to withdraw it
Periodic Bonus – a particular bonus that player can receive in a specific day, week or month
Refer a friend Bonus – bonus that can be gained by attracting a new player. It’s for the player that invite the new player. It can be received only when the new player has registered and made the first deposit
Cash Bonus – it’s a reward that is assigned for some fulfilled tasks and its money
Bonus for the Payment Method – a bonus that is awarded for using some particular payment method
Bonuses for High Rollers – a bonus for players who makes high bets and play with a higher wager
Accumulative Bonus – a bonus that consists of collected points by playing games. Later these points can be changed by chips or money
Giveaways – it contains material gifts that can be used in real life. It’s not virtual bonuses anymore. Example, tickets to some event, phone, coffee cupon, etc.