Free spins

Slot machines are one of the oldest casino games that literally started up the activity of gambling by being the first game that’s played without traditional table games. Some of you may think that it was a long time ago and now everything is changed. Yes, its true, but the slot machines are still popular. And it’s not like it’s one of the last choices for players. Nowadays slot machine games take the first place in gambling games and in every casino exactly slot machines make the biggest number in game selections. Now every casino is offering to enjoy exciting slot machine games to spin the glamorous symbols, get bonuses and winnings. Below you can see casino reviews that offer many slot game variations, so don’t waste your time, read more and try your luck in one of the best casinos!

A little bit of history
The slot machine history started at the end of the 19th century. In 1891 the first slot machine was created in New York and was called in creators names “Sittman & Pitt”. It was five reel slot with cards which were sticking to the reel rows. To play this slot, players had to put a coin into the slot and pull a handle. The first slot machine wasn’t as big and functional as we know it now. It was a medium box type machine without any functions to give out the winnings. That’s why these slot machines were located in places. Usually, it was a bar where was someone who could give the winning prize to the player.
Another exciting thing is that there weren’t any specific prizes. The bartenders invented the winnings by themselves. Usually, it was a pack of cigarettes, free drinks for all evening, a glass of beer or other awards that was possible to give in the bar.
In 1895 aroused a prototype of a nowadays slot machine. It was called “Liberty Bell”, and later it came popular with the name “One-armed bandit”. The game was similar to the first slot machine – player needed to put the coin into the slot and pull a handle to make the reels spin. When on the reels appeared the same symbols the player won. The difference between the first slot machine was that this machine gave out the winnings by itself. In these slot machines could win coins, and usually, it was 50 cents.
The next slot machine type came out in 1910 called “Bell-Fruit Gum”. That was the first slot machine that came out with fruit symbols and started the fruit machine era. At that time the gambling was one of the restricted gameplay, so instead of the usual money winnings, the machine gave out different snacks like bubble gums, candies, chocolate bars, etc.
In 1940 started the history of electronic slot machines. At this time the most significant difference was invested in the slot machines mechanism and functionality. It wasn’t that much about the visual look, but about the operation. These slot machines worked with faster speed, bigger chances to put different money nominals into the slot and also bigger payouts.
The bright invention came in 1963 when all players were so surprised with the new slot machine called “Money Honey”. It was the slot machine that was improved by inside and also outside. This machine was the first fully electromechanical slot that gave a new look, functions and game experience. It was fast, with typical fruit and star symbols and more significant payout amounts. The slot machine was equipped with bright, colourful lights and different sound effects that made players playtime more enjoyable. The main difference was that this slot was working by microprocessors so to make the reels spin instead of pulling the handle a player just needed to push the button.
Thanks to the network developing, in 1997 also the gambling industry progressed and in the USA was created the first online casino. And from that time the video slot game took an essential place to gamble.

Nowadays online casino offers many slot game variations. The offers consist of classic three reel slots with one or 5 payouts or video slots with five reels and even till 200 paylines. The slot machines are created with different themes and many different chances to take the winning. The traditional reel symbols like fruits and stars are replaced with famous characters, bonus symbols, animals, jewellery, items, etc. There are slot variations that supplemented by extra games that are similar to roulette with a chance to get bigger winnings. The broadest game section in online casinos is exactly for slot games by offering hundreds of different slot variations.

Also by playing slot games, there is a chance to get different bonuses, and one of the most popular bonus is Free Spins. What does that means and how it works? Free Spins means that a player doesn’t need to make a bet for getting spins, so it’s for free and without players investments. Sounds great, right? Of course, it seems good, and players love this kind of bonus, but we suggest to be careful with it. It’s easy to get the spins, and while you’re using the free spins you can also win big money, but sometimes to cash out your winnings can be difficult. Heres the thing you should know – for free spins, there is always wagering requirements, and usually, they are quite high with a short time limit. So remember to read conditions before you take the bonus. It will help you to avoid bad experience and disappointment. The good news about this bonus is that every casino has different conditions and not in all casinos wager is so high, so there still is a chance to get big winnings by playing slots and using this bonus!

Heres three Free Spin types:

Free Spins with No-Deposit
This kind of bonuses occurs for new players as a welcome offer or at the game time when on the reel shows up a free spin icon. When it’s a welcome offer, it works like a present to the new player. There is a concrete number of spins that the player receives. In a case like this player need to read conditions. There is always said the bonus validity and sometimes the amount that needs to be reached to take out the winnings. But if there are no requirements for cash outs than all is simple – player gets what he wins! When it’s a bonus that is received while playing the game than it appears immediately and there are no requirements for that. The spins must be used already after received.

Deposit bonus + Free Spins
That is typical new players registration bonus also called “Welcome bonus”. Example, 100% up to 150€ + 100 free spins. These bonuses work simple, and a player can find all notifications right next to the bonus offer. For deposit bonus, there is always said the minimum deposit amount, minimal and maximal bonus, maximal bet, wager requirements and validity. Player receives free spins directly after the first deposit is made. In free spins receiving comes the varieties. In some offers, free spins are given all at once, but for other – the free spins can be divided into parts which means that it can take several days to get all spins. Example: if the offer gives 100 spins but in parts than it can be received in ten days by 10 spins or in five days by 20 spins, etc. Another way how deposit bonus and free spins can be connected is that free spin receiving depends on deposit made. Example: by making the first deposit players receives 25 spins, by second deposit another 25 spins and like that till all turns are received. Here also it’s essential to read conditions to understand the bonus. Take in mind that often free spins are given just for some individual game titles!

Free Spins without a deposit and requirements
Its one of the newest bonuses that aren’t that popular, cause it’s not too profitable to casinos. But if you as a player see this offer than without any thinking use it! That’s a beneficial bonus for players cause there are no requirements about deposits, cashouts or other actions which could make you lose some of your winnings. If you play with this bonus and win then all you win is yours. The most significant difference from other bonuses is that the winnings from this bonus will be transferred in the player’s real account, not to casino player account.