Poker bonuses

Poker selection is made for Poker lovers and those who would like to try their skills and who are ready to accumulate their experience in a poker game. We have created a list of casinos that offer great poker games with attractive bonuses. Check out the list below and find out more about the casino and its poker games!

Poker is one of the most popular casino games of all times. The game roots come from several card game combinations, and that’s how aroused the card game with different card combinations that help players to win and get big cash winnings.
People were playing poker already for a long time ago, before the beginning of the 19th century. At the start, the game was more like a game of luck which was played with dices, domino or cards. This game was known for many cultures, and people played it no matter at which age they were. Adults, teenagers and even kids played poker to fill their free time.
The real poker games history started in the 16th century when in Spain was popular a game called “Primero”. That was a card game where was allowed to bluff. People were excited about this idea, and they started to play the game more often until it became one of the most popular games in all of Europe. It was played on the streets, at homes, on the ships and other places. By travelling, people were spreading the game all over the world. When the game came to France, they wanted to make this game special in their country, and that’s why they gave the new game title “Pokē”. After a little while, the game “Pokē” was declared as French national card game.
It was a French seaman favourite game, and it was played on every ship. The game was spread more and more. Thanks to French seamen’s also Americans was introduced with game “Pokē”. And the poker game as we know it now was born in the USA and called “Poker”.
By talking about nowadays, Poker is one of the most loved gambling games, and every casino is offering Poker. It’s a game where a player needs to think. The player needs to concentrate, to make strategy, the right attitude and attention. Now poker is more professional. Players can enjoy it at land-based casinos, online casinos or on phones by using special apps. Poker is a casino game, and of course, also this game includes different bonuses. Three traditional bonuses are used most – deposit bonus, no-deposit bonus and welcome bonus.

Deposit Bonus
The bonus is quite popular for poker games and its offered almost in all casinos, and the only difference between them is the bonus amount. This bonus can be claimed if the player meets all conditions. The main thing is to make a deposit.

No-Deposit Bonus
These bonuses are very popular in online casinos. No-Deposit Bonus is given without making a deposit. Sometimes for these bonuses are difficult or high conditions, but in general, the player gets his bonus and can do with it whatever he wants. These bonuses usually are sponsored by different poker schools.

Welcome Bonus
It’s one of the easiest to get if you’re a new player. The only thing that player has to do is sign-up, and bonus already is yours! Of course, not always it can be that easy. Sometimes similar to the casino, welcome bonuses are set with deposit bonuses and then to get bonus player need to make the first deposit. Before sign-up and enjoy the bonus, we recommend carefully read the bonus conditions.