Totalizator bonuses

Online casinos don’t offer only casino games, but also Totalizators. What is Totalizator? In general its a deal between player and casino. Don’t misunderstand, it’s not like a real deal with papers and contracts, no. More precisely, Totalizator is gambling where the player makes a bet and predicts some sport or other predictive type events result. In short words – a player is making a bet about its own predict. If the forecast is right, the player wins and gets winning, but if a players forecast is not right then, the player loses. The winning depends on total bets amount, coefficient and forecast.

About what you can make bets in Totalizator?
Most of all, the totalizator bets can be made by different sports types. Its possible to make bets about football, basketball, hockey, box, tennis, etc. It’s possible to make a deal about world championship games, Europe champion games and also small team games. Because of the sports games totalizators also is called Sports Betting. There is a chance to make deals also about other events, example business and political events, television events, table games and even weather conditions.

For Players who love to make bets on the totalizator has a chance to play Live totalizator where can make Live bets. Similar to casinos, also totalizator offers Live totalizator section. The situation when everything can change in just one minute or second definitely will make players adrenaline level go higher.
What is the difference between regular totalizator bets and Live totalizator live bets?
The main difference is that in the Live totalizator bets are made about the event what is happening at that time, and it means that result and coefficients are changing by the happening situation. By the time while the event is going, the player feels the adrenaline that is going high, and of course, a little bit of tension cause all bets and actions needs to be made while the event is going. Player has to make decisions in short timeframe and must evaluate coefficients depending on the situation. It’s a great chance to verify a players intuition and skills, but unfortunately, not all of the players can do it. Mostly this kind of totalizator plays players with experience in betting because it’s easy to lose significant amounts. Experts suggest new players be careful with this kind of totalizator bets, cause if at the first time they will have beginners luck it doesn’t mean it will be like that always. To make more wins than loses player need to have a little bit of experience and skills.

Totalizator bonuses
Same as casino also totalizators has different bonuses. They are very similar to casino game bonuses and works in a similar system. The most popular totalizator bonuses are first deposit bonus, double bets, free bets, an increase in coefficients and gifts. Without already mentioned bonuses there are more others which are described in the list of bonuses below.

Sign-up Bonus/ Deposit Match Bonus
For this bonus applies only to new players – usually its available after complete registration. It can be very different and similar to casino welcome offers it can include other bonuses like first deposit, free bets, etc.

First Deposit Bonus
It’s one of the most popular bonuses which is usually used in the sign-up offer. How does it work? There is no difference with casino welcome bonus with deposit. This bonus works the same. To get the bonus, the player needs to make the first deposit. There is a fixed minimal deposit amount and the maximum bonus amount. The bonus amount depends on the deposit amount. Players should read bonus conditions to know if bonus works with some specific code or no, what is the minimum deposit, if it needs to be wagered, etc.

Double Bet Bonus
This bonus offers to increase winnings. The player can make one bet in two bets value for two different events, and if they are right, a player can get more significant winning. If the stakes are made separated than also winnings are counted separately for every bet. Example, by doubling bet, instead of regular 2,50€ bet player can make 5€ bet for two sports teams in once. In case of that, the winning is counted as 5x first team win x second team win (5€ x 1,7 x 3,0 = 25,50€). By making regular bet player would make two bets – one bet with 2,50€ value about one team and another bet with the same 2,50€ value about another team. And in the end it will be counted like this: first bet 2,50€ x 1,7 = 4,25€; second bet 2,50€ x 3,0 = 7,50€. In general, for two separated bets player gets only 11,75€.

Free Bet Bonus
That means that casino is giving for player free bets where the player doesn’t need to put his own finances. It’s a stake where the player needs to make a deposit, but don’t need to pay about making a bet. Very often its used as part or by itself as a sign-up bonus.

Cashback Bonus
This bonus usually is offered in special promotions wherein player has to make bets on more than one events in a specific period. If one event on which have been made bet is losing, the player gets back one bet value in cash. In every totalizator, there are different rules about the number of events, terms and timeframe.

Cashout Bonus
This bonus works more like a chance. It applies to Live totalizator bets. What is this bonus chance? It’s like a back off plan. Its an opportunity to take out players bet to avoid unpleasant situations. Example, if in the middle of the event player has a feeling that his forecast will lose, he has a chance to take it out and protect himself from losses. Or there is another version. If the players’ prediction is already confirmed in the middle in the game than the player can protect his winnings by taking out winnings at the time when its good for him.

Professional totalizator
We think that every player who invests money in forecasts is important to know that the totalizator is fair and trustworthy and that there is no cheating. Perhaps every player has their criteria which shows that the totalizator is professional, but based on experienced players opinion we have chosen four main criteria that indicate the totalizators professionalism:
Easy access (all devices – pc, phone, tablets, etc.)
Bet limits
A speed of coefficients and difference with other totalisators
Speed of Cashouts

Basic totalizator bets
In totalizator, there are three basic bet types – winner, handicap and above/ below.
The easiest is winners bet where is only one winner who has the right forecast. To make the bet player needs to predict the game result. If the prediction is correct and the game ends with the win of the players chosen team than the bet is successful and the player wins. In this bet doesn’t matter the result preponderance, a time when the team have won (in the middle of the game or five minutes before the end). Important is if the result of the game is made in base game time or additional game time.
The next bet is a handicap. This bet is based on point preponderance with which players favorite team needs to win. Handicap goes into two types – positive and negative. The team with positive handicap needs to lose with a smaller number of points than said, but the team with negative handicap needs to win with a higher number of points than said.
The third bet is above or below. Its based on totalisators said a total number of points. Before every event, totalisators highlight the general number of points for event result. The players need to make a forecast about above or below. It means that player needs to make a bet about events result – either it will be higher than totalisators said a number of points, or it will be lower than totalisator said number of points.